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London Safety Clean is one of the few professional companies in London that specialises in cleaning environments which most cleaning companies avoid. Our areas of specialty include dealing with bio-hazardous waste such as blood and body fluids in commercial or industrial environments. Whether you require commercial, after-death or bio-hazardous cleaning services, please contact us or feel free to browse through our services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Greater London and the surrounding areas. Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and clearing dirty houses
  • Cleaning up after squatters
  • Void property cleaning and clearing
  • Cleaning up smoke damaged property

When we take up a cleaning job, we make sure that the place is completely cleaned by washing and disinfecting the walls, ceilings and floors.

After-Death Cleaning Service

At London Safety Clean we understand the sensitive nature of dealing with people who have found family members in their homes after they have passed on. And we provide a complete after-death cleaning service that includes removing materials and any other substances without causing undue stress to the other family members.

Bio Hazard Cleaning Service

When it comes to handling biological hazard materials, we are the experts. With our experience in the business, we are confident that we can provide you with complete bio hazard cleaning solutions. We can have infectious agents and hazardous biological materials safely removed and disposed to avoid potential risks to the health of humans, animals and to the environment. The services we provide under this category include

  • Cleaning up sewage spills
  • Cleaning up blood spills
  • Cleaning up crime scenes
  • Cleaning up after an accident, injury or death
  • Removal of animal carcasses and excrement
  • Control pest infestation
  • Collect drug users’ discarded syringes and other related material

Land Clearance

At London Safety Clean we also offer land clearance services which include:

  • Clearing overgrown or litter strewn car parks
  • Clearing fly-tipped wasteland or disused land
  • Clearing and cutting back overgrown gardens

Taking care of the environment is important and if left unattended could become a breeding place for rats and other pests. We clear fly-tipped wasteland to make sure there are no hazardous material before other workers can move in for development. We also clear out overgrown Buddleia bushes that grow alongside the railway tracks. If left unchecked these bushes can grow intensely and its root structure can destroy concrete foundation and brickwork. Clearing fly-tipped land is one of the jobs we handle every day.

London Safety Clean Staff

Our team of specialists are highly trained to provide an accurate cost for intensive cleaning services in Greater London and surrounding areas. If you require professional cleaning services for your residential or industrial property, contact London Safety Clean today!
London Safety Clean Staff